Four Artists You Didn’t Know Attended MTSU


Beyond blogging, I’m a Recording Industry major (RIM) senior at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). MTSU has one of the highest ranking Recording Industry programs in the nation, and produces many successful professionals in the field. After a recent discussion regarding the success of our program’s alumni, Zachary Scott Anderle decided to guest blog detailing the stories of several previous MTSU students:

Four Artists You Didn’t Know Attended MTSU

by Zachary Scott Anderle 

Edited by LaTaevia Berry

            Rockstars, businessmen, audio engineers – Some of the best come from Middle Tennessee State University. You may be a hardcore Belmont or Fullsail fan. But before you throw MTSU off the airplane into a deep dark pit filled with vile snakes, and I urge you to read on. Being a Recording Industry student, I have done some research on the university’s turnover rate for successful students. This list of former MTSU students is sure to make you not only reconsider the university as a leader in recording industry education, but as an university that develops the future trends and sounds of generations to come.


brandon-heath-promo2011a            Brandon Heath

Brandon Heath Graduated from MTSU with a BA in English. Don’t be discouraged, Heath took RIM classes during his time here. He even wrote songs in the Monohan dorm with his roommate, Dave Barnes (Grammy for Best Country Song, God Gave Me You).  Brandon Heath’s achievements include Dove awards for Best New Artist of 2008, Best Male Vocalist of 2009, Song Of The Year in 2009 for Give Me Your Eyes, and Best Vocalist in 2010 for Your Love, and Best Contemporary Christian Album Grammy nomination in 2012 for Leaving Eden. Enjoy a video below of Brandon Heath playing I’m Not Who I Was, at MTSU for a Christian Music Society event in 2011.


hillary-scott-cma-lvHillary Scott

            Hillary was a Recording Industry major from 2004-06, and is now the vocalist for the Grammy award winning band, Lady Antebellum. Hillary’s soothing pop vocals also carry the strong foundation of a country sound. The band has a Certified platinum album in the U.S., and her band’s single, Need You Now won Best Country Album and Album Of The Year in 2011. Their junior release, Own The Night also won Best Country Album. Listen to her speak on her love life during her time at MTSU.




Amy Lee

            This girl is responsible for defining the rock sound of the 2000’s. Amy Lee founded the Grammy award winning band, Evanescence. Her band has been hugely successful as number 6 on CBS’s Top Bestselling Albums of the Last 10 Years (2008), and Best Rock song of 2004 with Bring Me To Life. Amy Lee was also been awarded the Songwriter Icon Award in 2008 by National Music Publishers Association. She came to MTSU in 2000, but ended up ending her college career early to pursue the life of a rockstar.

Listen to the song that skyrocketed her journey, Bring Me To Life.




            One of the biggest artists in not only Holy Hip-Hop, but the urban industry in its entirety . Grammy award winning artist Lecrae is the rap model for Christian Music. He formed 116 Clique, started the 116 Movement, and founded Reach Records, the most successful Christian hip-hop label to date. Lecrae’s latest album, Gravity won a Grammy for Best Gospel Album and a Dove award for Best Rap/Hip-Hop Album of 2013. Although Lecrae attended MTSU for one semester, he utilized the same on campus studios many other MTSU RIM students work in daily. He has walked past the KUC, and yes, probably struggled in the same classes and most RIM students.

Read more on Lecre and his journey at MTSU here,