Jonathan McReynolds! Life Music 2?


Stop it! Just stop what you’re doing and give this guy a listen whilst you read this post:

I’ll wait….Ok, it’s playing?

I know! He’s great isn’t he!!

He is a Chicago native, but it’s clear he has a foothold in the kingdom of God. His album has been nothing less than a blessing to the many ears he has reached. His lyrics are from the everyday perspective of anyone walking with Christ. Combine that with some killer acoustic guitar skills, and a vocal range I imagine I could only obtain in the shower, and you’ve got thee Jonathan McReynolds.

Throughout the entire album, I find myself smiling and reflecting on my own relationship with God. He has just been blessed with a gift to reach people in that way. His debut album is titled Life Music, and it is truly a soundtrack for life.

According to his website, not only is his second album in the works, but it is “fully written and ready to be recorded! …God is giving me songs inspired by my experiences, my friends’ experiences, and even YOUR testimonies.” (

You can find him online at: